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Jing Massage

Remedial/Advanced Clinical Massage

Muscle Strains, Soft-Tissue Injuries, Chronic Aches & Pains

This deep remedial massage helps to ease restrictions in the soft tissue, reducing pain and improving movement and flexibility. Specific muscle groups and areas of  tightness and pain are concentrated on.  A course of treatments may be  recommended. We aim to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility in from one to six treatments.


Therapeutic Massage

Whole Body Massage or Swedish Massage

A deep massage for relaxation and stress relief.


Sports Massage

Massage can help to improve performance, and post event to relax muscles. A regular maintenance massage aids muscle tone and flexibility, and re-energises. The massage will focus on your needs.


Balinese Massage

This luxurious deep tissue massage uses techniques such as acupressure, kneading and long gliding strokes together with exotic essential oils. It  reaches deep into muscle fibres, helping to ease aches and pains, balance energy and promote relaxation.

1 hour £40


A soothing and relaxing massage, with fragrant essential oils chosen and blended especially to meet your needs.


Hot Stones

Heated basalt stones are used to warm and massage the body, releasing muscular tension and giving a luxurious and totally relaxing treatment.


Indian Head Massage

This Ayurvedic treatment includes the back, neck, scalp, shoulders and face, using massage and acupressure to relax and relieve muscular aches and tension.


Facial Rejuvenation

Also called Natural Face Lift Massage, this is a deeply relaxing and revitalising way of helping the facial muscles and skin look more toned, rehydrated and vibrant. No oils or creams are used for this treatment.


Pindasweda Herbal Massage

This is an Ayurvedic treatment using Indian herbs to balance the body systems, help ease aching muscles and give relaxation. Bags of herbs are dipped in warm oil and used to massage the whole body.



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